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Lidosim kopâ!

Let’s fly together! 

Приглашаем в полёт!



Rise to the skies and experience the magic of hot air balloon rides in the Latvia with ALTIUS Balloon Flights!

How to make a reservation?

Phone us: +371 29288448
Or send us an email :

As a non-profit making association ALTIUS are not allowed to carry paying passengers, and therefore, we only carry our supporters, sponsors and members. Should you wish to make or give a balloon flight, you will necessarily become a supporting member for one year and you will be charged at a membership fee listed here below.
Our membership fees:
180 EURO/1 person – Voucher valid for Group flight on the date of your choise for one year.
550 EURO/2 persons - Voucher valid for Privat VIP flight on the date of your choise for one year.

General Flight Conditions

Flight regime: Flights are conducted under VFR regime (Visual Flight Rules as defined in the civil aviation regulations) on Sigulda surroundings over Gauja National Park (about 50km to NE from Riga).

Applicable fares: Fares are quoted for one passenger and include insurance coverage.

Confirmation of reservation: Reservations can be made by phone or by email. The client will receive his or her Flight Voucher, which is essential for the flight, in return for donation payment.

General sale conditions: The Flight Voucher is valid for one year from the issue date but is non refundable. During this period, the client must try at least 4 times to use it, otherwise the ticket will expire automatically. If those 4 attempts failed because of bad weather conditions, your ticket will automatically be extended for 6 months.

Cancellation: ALTIUS reserves the right to cancel a flight due to bad weather conditions or for any other security reasons. If the flight is cancelled just prior to take-off, ALTIUS will not responsible for accommodation and transportation costs of passengers.

Clients: If a client cancels a flight less than 48 hours in advance or doesn't show up on the scheduled day of the flight, the Flight Voucher will be deemed used.

Rules: No one is allowed aboard the balloon without a valid Flight Voucher. The pilot is in sole charge aboard the balloon and has authority over all passengers. The pilot can remove any passenger or object for health or security reasons or to insure the good functioning of the balloon.

Insurance: Public liability insurance is included in the cost for each passenger

Six Top Reasons to choose ALTIUS

Choosing which Ballooning club/company to fly with is an important decision. There are significant differences between what our friends and competitors here in Latvia offer and what we deliver. We have compiled the "Top Six Reasons to Choose ALTIUS" to assist you in making your decision.

1. Long Established  and Safe Operator

ALTIUS ballooning team has been operating since 1992 and maintains an impeccable safety record. ALTIUS chief pilot Gunars Dukste has been operating hot air balloon rides over Latvia since 1992. During 18 years he accumulated over 2500 flying hours. More than 6 000 persons have accompanied Gunars in his passion in the skys of Baltic countries, USA, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Spain etc. He have high Alpine balloon flight experience too.

2. Highly Awarded Balloonist

Gunars Dukste, our Chief Pilot, has been 3 times Latvian Champion and has taken part since 1994 in most of the World and European Balloon Championships. He holds more awards than any other balloonist in Latvia including:

  • · 3 Latvian Records

  • · First person to fly a balloon across Latvia

  • · Title „Polar Balloon Aeronaut” – after successful balloon flight over the North Pole

  • · FAI Silver Badge - the world's highest award for balloon piloting skills

Gunars is also a member of British Balloon & Airship Club and a rated flight instructor and CAA Authorised Testing Officer - Examiner for balloon pilots.

3. New Balloons

We have always operated the most modern equipment available. Our balloons are replaced every five years and feature the quietest burners available, heat shields to reduce the amount of heat on your head and aerobic flooring and side wall padding in our baskets for your comfort and safety. We you take your Latvia ballooning experience with us you are flying in the best available balloons.

4. Family Business

ALTIUS is owned and operated by Gunars Dukste and his friends. We are passionate about ballooning and take great pride in providing a superior level of service to our clients. When you talk to us on the telephone you are talking to the owners.

5. Personal Service

We go out of our way to make your ballooning experience pleasant from being to end. If you don't catch us on the telephone on your first try we promise to return your call promptly. Where possible we cater for special requests. We are always attentive to your needs.

6. Balloon-Cam In-flight Photos

ALTIUS is the first Latvian balloon club to offer our clients in-flight photography. For our 'Balloon-Cam' system we only use high quality digital SLR cameras to produce your photos and include a number of award winning stock photographs on your flight photo CD. We give you the right to make as many copies of the images as you choose, and you are free to distribute them by any means that you choose. We do not limit you by selling only prints.

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